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Conquering climate change with science

Our mission: Carbon Central’s mission is to help companies/corporations, cities, states and countries capture the CO2 they are emitting, to prevent it from being added to the existing overloaded atmosphere; and to reduce the thousands of gigatonnes of CO2 already trapping heat in the atmosphere. We use green technologies joined with unique software to convert captured CO2 to practical, affordable commodities like carbon neutral and carbon negative fuels, polymers, carbon fiber, proteins and concrete aggregate. 

let us help you assess your valuable co2 or methane emissions


co2 capture

direct from the air;  from industrial flues; by superpowered algae


With over 2,000 gigatonnes* of CO2 trapped in our atmosphere, driving up global temperatures and causing havoc in the environment, from rising oceans threatening coastlines to droughts, storms, food insecurity, we believe technology has to come to the rescue along with other efforts worldwide.

Carbon Central plants ramp up the available technologies partnering with advanced software systems to maximize efficiency.

*1 gigaton equals 1 billion or 1,000,000,000 metric tons (a metric ton is 1000 kilograms); 1 metric ton = 2204.6 pounds (an English system ton is 2000 pounds.


We can maximize CO2 efficiency, which ultimately kick-starts a large-scale reduction of the gigatonnes of CO2 trapped in our atmosphere.

We genuinely believe it is within our power as human beings to help end climate change. By partnering with leading climate-conscious investment groups, governments, cities, and citizens committed to making a difference, we can take the steps necessary to effect significant changes. 

By combining our efforts and bringing Carbon Central plants and modular CO2 capture units to your region, you become part of the solution to this global crisis.



turning the worst climate offender into plastics, fiber and fuel


Methane flaring in oil fields

Methane emitted from landfills


Methane gets a pretty bad rap--and justifiably so. The clear, odorless gas traps up to 80 times more heat in the atmosphere* than the more familiar CO2. It spews from petroleum fields by billions of cubic meters; rises from farms and landfills. But the good news is that we can science our way out of this one..with enough Carbon Central plants and modular plants around the world, working in tandem with all the other tech out there. 


How Do You Expose Something Deadly Yet Unseen?

For years we’ve read and heard about the effects of greenhouse gasses on our planet. For some, resolving this became a mission through activism and social awareness to put forth the effort to, if not stop it, slow down the amount of damage done to our planet.


Others buried their heads in their energy consumption and waste, pretending if not insisting this was nothing more than some irrational fear concocted to go after fossil fuels and industry. 

Great battles ensued, and debates roar on while we continue to search for real world solutions. Although the results are well documented and painfully obvious, there are still those who do not see the disastrous effects or choose to ignore them.  

We can say, “See for yourself!” until we all choke on the words and gasp for breath before many people will finally admit to the damage being done.

But what if we could capture CO2 and convert it into useable products that can be taken to market, and give you something to feel, taste and touch? What if we could expose the unseen dangers by converting them into something tangible?

Now we can.

We can expose the unseen, when science meets creativity and solutions!

Our mission at Carbon Central is to enable companies, corporations, cities, states, and even countries to capture the CO2 they emit and prevent it from being added to our already dangerously overloaded atmosphere. 

But it doesn’t stop there…

We use green technologies combined with unique software to convert captured CO2 into sensible, affordable commodities like carbon-neutral and carbon-negative fuels, polymers, carbon fiber, proteins, and concrete aggregate.

We aim to reduce the thousands of gigatonnes of CO2 already trapping heat in our atmosphere.

​We can help you by assessing your valuable CO2 or Methane emissions.

*In the first two decades after its release, methane is 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide. ... While methane doesn't linger as long in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, it is initially far more devastating to the climate because of how effectively it absorbs heat.

smart super plants


the green, growing kind...a source for food, fuel, polymers and pharmaceuticals

The most efficient CO2-capture device in the world is the plant. All day long, our green friends take in CO2, process it into sugars and fuel for its own growth and survival, and emit precious oxygen back to the planet. Problem is, with deforestation and desertification a global problem, as well as overpopulation and petroleum-based industries, we need way more oxygen and far less CO2. Enter our algae-based technology wizardry.

Super Plants

Not the industrial kind but rather the green, growing type that is a source of food, fuel, polymers, and pharmaceuticals. We employ smart technology and manage algae at scale to capture maximum amounts of CO2 direct from flues or direct from the air and convert the algae to biofuel, nutrition or polymers.

supporting new ideas

we find, fund and nurture co2 capture tech ideas


We find, fund, and nurture CO2 capture tech ideas.

There are some great minds out there creating revolutionary ideas each day to reduce CO2, global warming, and climate change. We’re looking for you!

If you or your team, group, or company has ideas and prototypes or concepts to defeat climate change, that we can help you adapt, perfect, fund and scale, please get in touch with our team. 

We're all in this together. By working together, we can change our world for the better.

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